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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bric's bags in Manila

I first discovered about Bric's bags (an Italian brand) at the Berlin airport 3 or 4 years ago. While waiting for my flight, I went around to look for Longchamp bags and along the way, I discovered similar lightweight, water-repellant nylon bags with leather handles which are slightly less expensive than Longchamp.  Cool. I got 2 tote bags called X-bags and loved them until they got worn out from daily use.

Last week, while on my way to have dinner at the new wing of Shangrila Plaza Mall, I spotted a Bric's  store. Yay! 

Here are their classic bags.

If you're not familiar with Bric's, their classic X-bag can be used in 3 ways.

1. As a shoulder tote bag (with adjustable straps)

2. As a cross-body bag - you can connect the 2 shoulder straps to form 1 long strap

3. Small shoulder bag - the tote bag comes with a detachable pouch which serves as the bag's inside compartment.  But this pouch also comes with a strap so you can use the pouch as a mini shoulder bag. 

Here's a photo I got from so you can visualize it better.

Bric's has also colorful and playful fabric designs if you find the classics too plain.

And they have leather bags too. Of course these are way more expensive and heavy.  Good thing I prefer  lightweight, nylon bags which are less expensive. :)  

According to the store personnel, they currently have 2 Bric's stores in Manila - one at the Shangrila Mall and another in SM Aura.  BTW, if you plan to buy, try asking the personnel if there are any items with discount for the day.  Because when I dropped by the store, there was no "Sale" sign at the entrance but when I asked, they said some items were on 15% discount.  Without discount, prices are way higher than European prices.  With at least 15% discount, the diff becomes more palatable and just consider the diff as cost for shipping and taxes if you would have ordered it online.


Anonymous said...

hi may i ask how much their nylon bag thanks

travelandpositiveliving said...

Hi! If I remember right, the prices range from Php4,500 to Php7,000 depending on the material, style and size. Thanks!

Amy Jecson said...

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