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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where to have dessert in Pampanga: Susie's Cuisine

Susie's Cuisine is known for its wide variety of kakanin (local cakes).  Its original branch is in Nepo Mart, Angeles City and my friends who grew up there rave about how they witnessed this small, simple outlet progress through the years.  It has now 12 branches in the region and this is how the main branch in Nepo Mart looks like today.

During a food trip in Angeles City, we decided to sample some of Susie's kakanin. 

You know how much all of these samplers cost? A total of Php82! :) 
Tibok Tibok

This is what we call Tibok-Tibok in Kapampangan. It's our local custard.  I like Tibok-Tibok best when it has a hint of dayap/dalayap (local lemon).  Tibok-tibok is sprinkled with latik (glazed coconut flesh).
Cassava Cake

Kalamay Duman

Duman is a type of sticky rice that is endemic to Sta. Rita, Pampanga, which can only be harvested around November when the air is cool.  This isn't exactly pure duman because duman is expensive. It's about Php2,000 to Php2,500 per kilo. Plus, it's only harvested once a year.

Moche Moche

Moche Moche is one of Susie's bestsellers.  Yummy. They are filled with latik inside.

Rice Cake
Kakanin in bilao
If you love any of the kakanins, you may want to take home a bilao.  The price ranges anywhere from Php300 to Php600 per bilao. 
Susie's also distributes a whole slew of pasalubong items from butong pakwan, aligue, roasted peanuts, candies, etc.

If you want to buy sweets, you may want to check out Rosing's next door (just adjacent to Susie's).  They sell pastillas and sweets made from carabao's milk.  What's great is they'll let you taste their candies before buying.  Their 2 bestsellers are - 

Caramel squares

Pastillas de leche

Yum!  But they do have other flavors of pastillas, and also tarts, polvoron and other sweets.
Susie's Cuisine and Rosing's are both located in Nepo Mart, Angeles City, Pampanga.

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