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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where to eat in Clark, Pampanga: Island Grill

I love puga (fish eggs) and in Pampanga, it's considered a delicacy.  Some local restaurants serve it grilled, some sizzling and others, fried.  

When we went on a food trip last weekend in Angeles City, I made a request if we can eat puga.   My friend from Angeles City said she knows the perfect place - IG or Island Grill in Fontana Clarkfield, Pampanga.  She had to call the restaurant first before we went there to make sure they had puga that day. :)

After eating pizza sprinkled with longganiza and itlog na maalat (salted duck egg) and buffalo wings at Camalig's Restaurant, we headed to Island Grill to have exactly what I wished for.

Deep fried Puga.  Super yummy!  

And Pritson! Sinful but it's really good.  It's the best pritson for me.  Very fine, crispy flakes. 

For dessert, we passed by a Korean bakeshop called Mr. Park's Bread and Cake along Friendship Highway (but I checked their FB page and apparently their main branch is in BF Homes, Paranaque).

My friend said they have the best cream puffs.

I'm not a big fan of cream puffs but I love these.  Unlike regular cream puffs which are usually crispy or hard on the outside, Mr Park's are made from soft bread and the cream isn't that sweet.   And because they are not too sweet, you feel guiltless and end up eating a lot. Haha... 

Anyway, since our calorie intake for one day of food trip (RUMPA, Cely's, Susie's, RFW, Camalig's, IG and Mr Park's) was just crazy, my friend arranged for a yoga instructor to come the next morning so we could work out and burn some calories.  Although of course, we all knew that we ate more than what we'll burn. Plus we had more lined up after the yoga session.  Haha...  

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