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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where to eat in Angeles City: Historical Camalig Restaurant

Angeles City's Camalig Restaurant is also known as the Home of Armando's Pizza which is dubbed as the Pambansang Pizza. Pambansang Pizza (National Pizza) because on its menu, you'll find pizza variants with longganiza, salted duck egg, tuyo, tinapa, kesong puti and chicken adobo.  But Camalig does have regular pepperoni and salami pizza too.  It has a total of 15 pizza flavors to choose from and also offers pasta dishes, Filipino, American and Mexican dishes.

Here's the entrance going to Camalig.

Camalig is considered historical because the structure dates back to 1840.  

Camalig, during the Spanish era, is what you call a grain depot.  If you've ever been to an old Spanish ancestral mansion, usually the "camalig" is a detached structure a few meters away from the main house.  It is where sacks of rice and grains are stored.  The restaurant is called Camalig because it was a real camalig in the 19th century. :) 

Here's inside the Camalig Restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, you'll also find a collection of old photos and antique items like these vintage bottles.

Even antique household appliances like this electric fan.

We only had a light dinner at Camalig's because we had a couple of other restaurants to visit after. Haha... 

We ordered buffalo wings.  Yum!
Deep-fried Chicken Wings, Php330
We also ordered Doy's Kapampangan Pizza sprinkled with longganiza and ebun buru (salted duck egg).  Camalig's pizza crust is crispy.  Yum-yum.
Doy's Kapampangan Pizza (Large size), Php397
They have 3 sizes of pizza - small, medium, large. Large is 13".  So no worries whether you're a small or big group.

When we were paying our bill, we noticed these papier mache heads at the counter.  We could recognize John Lennon (second from the right) and Gandhi (rightmost) but couldn't identify the rest.  We asked the waiters who the rest were.  They said the second from the left is Mother Teresa (though she doesn't look like Mother Teresa to us! haha...) and the middle is Jesus (pwede...).  They don't know who the leftmost is but our guess is Martin Luther King Jr.  But we're just guessing. :)

Camalig's Restaurant is located at 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City.  For more info, you can check Camalig's website at 

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