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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where to eat in Angeles City: Cely's Carinderia in Nepo

My friends and I had a food trip in Angeles City last weekend.  We tried about 6 restaurants in 2 days! :) 

One of the places we went to is Cely's - it's a carinderia that has been in Nepo Mart since 1970.  My friend who's from Angeles said that it's a great, affordable place to try Kapampangan food.  She shares that even a popular local chef brings balikbayan guests to this place.  So their food must be really authentic. :)
Cely's Turo Turo
Here's inside Cely's - it's not air-conditioned but the place is well-ventilated.
Inside Cely's
It's turo-turo style at Cely's. 

For those who don't know what turo-turo means, the way to tell the attendant what food you wish to order is by pointing at the dishes using your finger. Turo literally means "to point".

Cely's has wide variety of local Kapampangan dishes and delicacies. Check these out -

Adobong Kamaru (Crickets)
I used to eat Kamaru when I was a (clueless) kid but stopped as soon as I realized what they were. Haha...

Bulanglang na Bangus
Bulanglang is the Kapampangan's version of sinigang but using guava (instead of sampaloc or kamias).  This is one of my favorite Kapampangan dishes.


I just googled what kamansi is in English and it's Seeded Breadfruit.  Kamansi is easier to remember.  Haha...
Tidtad is the Kapampangan's version of dinuguan.  Although we normally eat it with rice, not puto.

Cely's also serves all-time favorite Pinoy dishes like -

Lechong Kawali
I also remember seeing freshly fried chicharon! Tempting. Haha...

Anyway, here are the dishes we tried:

Paku Salad (Fern Salad)
Adobong Pusit
Bistig (Kapampangan's version of Beef Steak)
Ningnang Tilapia (Inihaw or Grilled Tilapia)
Tagilo or Buru (Fermented Rice)
Tagilo or Buru goes best with grilled fish.  Cely's buru though was a bit oily and not too sour.  I prefer the less oily and more sour version. 

Chicken Barbecue
Yummy food!  Our tummies were happy after the meal.  Our pockets were happy too!  You know how much we paid for all the dishes we ordered including 2 servings of drinks for each of us (so total of 8 drinks)?  Only Php818! :)

So the next time you want to binge on Kapampangan food and get value for your money, check out Cely's Carinderia at Nepo Mart in Angeles City.  You can easily ask around where Cely's is once you reach Nepo Mart.  Then after your meal, you may want to have dessert at Susie's Cuisine which is just across Cely's.

Incidentally, Cely's Carinderia has a branch in San Fernando, Pampanga (which I only found out now.).  It's located along Lazatin Road, Villa Victoria, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga.

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