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Monday, February 25, 2013

Eclectic chairs and home designs

My place is bare now since I thought of retiring my (almost) 5-year old furniture. I got rid of my dining set, sofa and bed frame. I sleep on my mattress on the floor, eat on the kitchen counter and watch tv on a futon bed.  And I'm actually loving all the freed up space. 

I haven't really thought of what to get yet and would like to give careful thought on what I really want since I didn't the first time. 

As I've been browsing for some ideas, found these -

A dining set with assorted eclectic chairs. Nicely-put together but I wonder if all the chairs are comfy to sit on. 

Pretty in pink bathroom. I don't necessarily like pink for a toilet & bath but the poster caught my attention - keep calm and carry on. Haha... 

A clever idea to organize electrical cords. 

I never thought of having a blown-up photo as a centerpiece for a living room until I saw this.  Staring at the bridge photo feels like you're transported to another place and creates an illusion of space. Nice.

So many nice ideas but I think my place will have a zen theme for a while. :) 

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