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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What to buy in Pangasinan

Whether you're coming from a trip to Baguio, surfing in La Union or a pilgrimage in Manaoag, here are some food items which you can buy from vendors along the highway in Pangasinan on your way home.

Boneless Dilis!  Usually, we buy danggit and espada but boneless dilis is a new discovery.  Super crisy and not too salty.

Dried dapa. Here's another new dried fish discovery.  Crunchy and they're also not too salty.

The kitchen staples - onion and garlic.

The small variety of ampalaya (bitter gourd) - best for pinakbet.


Mangoes! The Philippine variety is one of the world's best-tasting mangoes. 

 Just looking at these green mangoes makes me drool. Haha... 

And if you do buy green mangoes, don't forget to get a bottle of bagoong.  Pangasinan has the best-tasting bagoong (fish paste) too. Yum!

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