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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Bookshelf with a bookshelf cover

Saw this beautifully-designed bookshelf at  All the books you see on the shelves aren't actually real.

Check out how the panel door reveals the hidden shelves.  How cool is that? 

Why do I think it's the perfect bookshelf?  Your books always look organized (haha...), it can also be a secret place for clutter (shhh...) and it's easy to maintain and clean. In the Philippines, dust can easily accumulate in exposed areas but with this bookshelf design, you don't have to manually clean and wipe each and every book on your shelves when they get dusty but only requires wiping the cabinet door. Yay!  

But nope, I'm not getting one.  I don't have anymore space in my place right now.  But I'm definitely adding this to my dream home folder for future reference. Haha... 

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